• This month we talk about:

    • Our Christmas opening and deliveries
    • How construction technology is dealing with extreme weather
    • Should schools invest in larger furniture?
    • Robust benchmarking as the key to customer service
    • Much needed homes for London from Notting Hill Housing
    • The construction industry isn’t getting the recognition it deserves when it comes to R&D
    • Wearing our spots for Pudsey
    • Using lighting to enhance your space

  • Christmas opening and deliveries from Premiere

  • social and affordable kitchens
  • Affordable kitchens
  • The holiday season is fast approaching, and we would like to inform all our customers of opening hours and delivery information during the festive period.

    This coming holiday season, Premiere will be operating the following timetable between Christmas and the New Year.

    - Our office and factory will close on Thursday 22nd December 2016
    - Deliveries will take place up to and including Tuesday 20th December 2016
    - We will re-open at 8.30am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017

    In order that we can offer the best levels of service to you over the shorter working month of December, we ask that wherever possible, you keep to pre-agreed lead times when placing orders.

    Thank you.

  • Extreme weather is being thwarted with next generation construction technology
  • extreme weather - construction
  • On Baffin Island, in Canada, one of the most difficult construction projects in history is taking place. 

    Stantec, the company responsible for the undertaking, is attempting to build a state of the art airport in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable.

    In order to complete the project, Stantec is having to combine old and new technologies to help their building survive in the unforgiving, sub-zero environment.

    This feat of engineering can only be achieved by using ingenious methods to solve the problems that it faces. One example is natural light. Because of the meagre amounts of natural light available, up to 20% of the build will be composed of windows, so as to allow what little light there is to permeate deep into the building.

    Another problem is water. There has been a sharp increase in the amount of rainfall that the area receives. If not dealt with, the airport could quite easily flood, which could cause untold damage. In order to combat this, Stantec ran a number of complex computer simulations which introduced a virtual flood, and then found precast pontoons, among other countermeasures, to be the most effective.

    By introducing a scale model of the airport to a tank of water with sand grains, Stantec were able to see exactly how the other prevalent component of the extreme weather, snow, would behave. This allowed them to plan the build more effectively, so as to lower the damage the snow would do.

  • With obesity on the rise, should schools invest in larger furniture?
  • kitchens for social housing
  • New studies from the NHS have shown that levels of obesity among schoolchildren of all ages is on the rise. In fact, the number has risen by over 9% in the last twelve months, and according to the study, by the time these children get to high school, one in five of them are obese.

    Standard school furniture is measured to the size specified in the 1960’s but as our children get bigger, schools may find that they have to upscale, or else children will no longer fit. Children have grown on average by one centimetre per decade. If this rate continues, it wont be too long before chairs, tables and desks are simply too small.

    Another side effect that this rise in obesity may have is the onset of back pain earlier in life, which could result in less productivity when at school, and more days off as a result. The only way to prevent this, according to studies, is for schools to invest in larger furniture.

  • Robust and reliable benchmarking is key to customer service
  • kitchens for social housing - benchmarking
  • Over the past few years, the customer service industry has changed hugely. Social media monitors and automated chatbots have replaced the more traditional forms of service management.

    But internally, the quality of your customer service has to be up to standard. If not, then all the data in the world won’t be helpful to you. So, to ensure customer service is running at peak performance, successful implementation of benchmarking is key to success.

    Benchmarking allows you to be more effective in prioritising areas for improvement, whilst ensuring that your targets are in line with those at the very top of the industry. It allows you to perform more efficiently, which saves you money, that can in turn be re-invested into providing your customers with the high quality service that they need.

    So, data is key. You need to be able to compare yourself against your peers. Which seems to indicate that benchmarking against other companies in your industry is wise. They are likely to have the same targets as you, so it is easier to compare how you measure up.

    Once you know this, you can gradually impalement what you’ve learned across every facet of your company. Getting your employees involved and engaged with the data is the best way to ensure a steady increase in efficiency. Now, good benchmarking is no guarantee of great customer service, but it is certainly of great help. By implementing performance benchmarking, then your customer service team has the best chance of reaching the pinnacle.

  • Much needed homes for London from Notting Hill Housing
  • Notting Hill Housing is one of London’s leading housing associations, working right across London.

    As part of the regeneration along the North Circular Road in Enfield, a section of land was purchased by Notting Hill Housing to create 554 homes.

    Premiere has been involved with 62 flats available for rent and shared ownership. 
    notting hill housing kitchens
  • Following their selection by one of the main contractors to supply kitchens for these homes, Premiere has taken on the design and supply of individual kitchens.

    A part of the requirements for the contract was the ability to provide kitchens which were uniquely measured, designed, and supplied for each property, as and when the developers were at a convenient stage to accept delivery for each.

    Premiere has an enviable reputation of successfully supplying to such requirements.

  • The construction industry isn’t getting the recognition it deserves when it comes to R&D
  • A common accusation leveled at the construction industry is that it is slow to adapt, and doesn’t embrace change quickly enough. But given the complex nature of the industry, there are always a wide variety of unique problems that have to be overcome on site.

    The fact that so many issues constantly need to be solved means that, despite popular belief, the construction industry is always at the forefront of innovating solutions. The problem is that these companies don’t appear from the outside to be doing anything innovating, which is highlighted by the tiny amount being claimed in R&D tax credits.
    r and d for social housing kitchens
  • In fact, despite the $145 billion being generated by the industry, only a meager £35 million was claimed back using the tax credits scheme. It is designed to encourage R&D in UK businesses, and failure to claim this money in the industry shows not that construction companies don’t innovate, as they do, but that they don’t seem to think that they are innovative.

    This belief means that these companies are missing out on a potential multi-billion pound opportunity. Larger companies can claim up to 8.8% of the money they spend on R&D back, and for smaller companies, the figure can reach nearly a third.

    Unfortunately, the common line of thought is that the only real research and development, the only real innovation, happens in labs, and nothing outside one counts. But overcoming difficult conditions, creating new processes or fine-tuning older ones, or creating more green models by which to ground construction project, all of these are highly innovative, and require tremendous investment from R&D departments.

  • Wearing our spots for Pudsey
  • On Friday 18th November this year, Premiere and the Markey Group helped raise money for Pudsey by wearing spots at the office.

    This made for a great day and brightened up an otherwise dull November day – well done everyone!
    children in need image
  • Using lighting to enhance your space

  • Strategic use of lighting integrated within kitchen units and furniture can help to create a well lit and attractive space.

    Lighting options available from Premiere include flexible LED strip lighting and under cabinet spotlights.

    Please ask our sales team about options for including lighting as an integral part of your furniture.

    spotlights for kitchens
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