• What are some of the hidden problems of modern kitchen design?

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  • Many modern kitchen design trends look good and add to the practicality of the kitchen. While each of these look great and can be practical, they can sometimes cause issues for end users:

    • Open plan kitchens - with a large floor plan these can work very well, allowing an abundance of space in the kitchen and providing an area for the whole family to move around with ease.There are, however, disadvantages to this style of living. All the storage space can, unless thoroughly organised and maintained, hinder efficiency and make it harder to find what you’re looking for. Also a large kitchen means there is a lot more space to clean and tidy. If this is the focal point of your home, it can quickly become  very cluttered.
    • Using drawers for storage instead of cabinets - allowing for things to be stored neatly without having to be piled on top of each other - making it easy to see what you need when you open the drawer. Nevertheless, some things just do not fit well into these drawers. They are deep, but not quite deep enough for bottles to be stored upright, forcing users to lie bottles down awkwardly in the drawer (a bottle holder, which we supply as an accessory can really help here). Obviously, plates and pans are very awkward to store in these drawers, making the use of space very inefficient. Sometimes, you just need a cabinet with some shelves.
    • Open shelving - looks so inviting and homely and means that all of your favourite crockery and cutlery are out and ready to use. However, often our favourite bowls and plates are the odd ones we’ve collected over the years, as what was once a full set slowly gets dropped, smashed and chipped.
    • Pull-out pantry shelving - moveable pantry shelves, which pull-out from built-in pantry cabinets, are a huge improvement over pantry closets, or fixed shelves. Inserting a vertical divider allows belongings to be neatly stored upright in the storage space. Using open containers to store things that might otherwise slip out when the shelf moves is also a good idea. So, despite the few problems with this design, if you can organise it correctly it can offer a very valuable alternative to normal cabinets.
    • Ceiling-high cabinets - making the ceiling seem higher and the entire room seem bigger, besides filling the space between cabinet and ceiling. However, this extra space often provides an excuse to keep old and unnecessary things, and keeping or buying things purely to fill up space is a bad idea. If you can avoid this problem, you’ll be fine, but it’s necessary to avoid clutter.
  • Why do so few design companies adopt new technology early?
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  • Recent studies show that only 37% of kitchen design and construction companies consider themselves to be early adopters of new and exciting technology. The majority feel that they are behind the curve, and only take on new technology after it has become more established.

    Significantly, 77-78% of employees feel that their organisations are behind the times - specifically in terms of drones and 3D printing.

    The fact is however, that 90% of people think there is a huge value to the business in adopting modern technology. In addition, 84% have a personal interest in working in an exciting and innovative place, and pursuing new technologies is important to them.

    While some new technologies may seem like science fiction right now, they will start to impact on our businesses in the next few years. Surprisingly, construction site security is providing a fertile breeding ground for new ideas:

    • The Virtual Guard – this new and innovative security system is growing in popularity, and is reported to be able to do most things that a security guard can do
    • Overhead Drones - drones are being used more and more as the technology develops for filming events or taking photos, and they are excellent for tracking and monitoring sites
    • Robots - robot security guards have become an exciting new possibility for construction sites, factories and offices. They are still a few years away from being truly practical but they do provide an interesting solution as a very visual security deterrent.

    In terms of kitchen design and installation we have been investigating new technologies and the use of 3D printing in particular, and we predict that it will have a huge impact on the logistics of kitchen installation - particularly with regard to spare parts and repairs.

    So, why are design companies late adopters?

    There is the idea that, due to the fragmented nature of the industry, often smaller companies come together to work on large projects before separating afterwards, and very few grow into larger enterprises with the ability to therefore invest in innovative products and technologies.

    Also, there is widespread scepticism about the benefits technology brings to practice, and the problems it will cause. While there are some revolutionary new pieces of technology, many only address peripheral issues that are not central to construction and design work, therefore they aren’t worth the investment for smaller companies.

  • Have a look at our accessible kitchen range
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  • We believe that a beautiful, practical kitchen is achievable whatever your environment or individual requirements.

    That’s why Premiere supply a selection of kitchen ranges which are adaptive to individual needs, to make everyday living as easy as possible.

    Premiere manufacture quality kitchens in a range of styles, finishes and colours to suit any living space. Kitchens are designed to be accessible for every body with five of Premiere’s ranges adaptive to individual needs.

    So, when you need work surfaces at a height to make kitchen living easier, wall and base units positioned and fitted with storage solutions that make everything easily accessible, Premiere can help.

    Please call the Premiere Customer Services team for more information on 01452 886100.

  • What three things in your kitchen are dirtier than your sink drain?
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  • All kitchens are full of bacteria. It’s not possible, or even desirable, to remove them completely.

    In fact the whole house is full of microbes, the vast majority of which are either harmless or positively beneficial.

    The kitchen - by its very nature as the place in which food is prepared and stored - is perhaps the most important area where cleanliness is crucial. Potentially, it is the room most likely to harbour dangerous or unpleasant bacteria.

    But where these bacteria congregate may come as something of a surprise.

    No one would eat food which has been stuck in the sink drain, but a recent study revealed that many other areas of the kitchen actually harbour more germs.

    • The kitchen sponge is a huge breeding ground with new bacteria growing every twenty minutes
    • Dish towels which are used to dry up, and are then left to dry themselves are riddled with bacteria
    • Wiping cloths again are rife and need to be washed thoroughly regularly

    While these three were found to be more full of bacteria than the sink drain, a surprising range of other areas in  the kitchen have been found to harbour bacteria as well;

    • Blender Gaskets - 36 percent of these gaskets contain traces of salmonella and 43 of them carry yeast or mold
    • Dishwasher handles -  A 2011 study examined 189 household dishwashers across several global cities around the world and found 60 percent of them contained some type of fungi on the doors. And that's just part of the icky truth; they found that over 50 percent of them contain black yeast on the dishwasher door which can lead to infections in humans
    • Spatulas - rubber spatulas are 36%  more likely than not to contain levels of E.Coli and 43% are likely to have yeast and mold deposits
    • Coffee reservoir - Your coffee maker is often the most overlooked of household appliances when it comes to unwanted germs. An NSF study found that water reservoirs are a great environment for yeast and mold to linger
    • Cutting board - Even if you rinse it, there could still be traces of bacteria clinging on to the board, especially with wooden ones. Bacteria can hide and grow in hidden cracks of board, making it harder to get out
    • Can openers - Although you probably whip it out for only a few seconds at a time, not washing it properly can result in salmonella and E.coli bacteria growth. Plus, when it's thrown back into a drawer without being washed properly, it can spread germs to other utensils
    • The Knife Block - In 2014, The Doctors Magazine did a test that compared the bathroom floor near your toilet with the germs inside your knife block—and found that the knife block had nine times more bacteria in it.
  • Chris marks 20 years with Premiere
  • Chris Fisher, Premiere’s National Account Manager, celebrates 20 years with Premiere this year, since joining the company in 1997.

    Throughout Chris’s time with Premiere, he has held a number of roles, including Managing the Surveying team, along with being an integral part of the customer services and sales teams throughout.
    chris fisher
  • As the National Account Manager, Chris is often out in meetings with our Customer base, to provide that all important external representation and link to the customer.

    Chris is renowned for his customer focus, his can-do attitude, attention to detail and those all important high collared shirts!

    Chris lives in Gloucester with his wife and two daughters who certainly keep him on his toes. Lottie is aged 5 years and Phoebe has just celebrated her 1st Birthday. Chris enjoys various DIY tasks and hitting the gym a few nights a week. On the rare occasion that Chris gets some proper ‘me’ time, he enjoys the thrills of mountain biking, or the peace and quiet of fishing.

  • Storage that is functional, practical and beautiful
  • Where space in the kitchen is tight, as in most modern kitchens, it's important to use the available space that you have wisely.

    Making the most of your kitchen units' capacity is of huge importance to us.

    It is one of the things that we know differentiates us from our competition.
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  • A beautifully designed kitchen has to function practically - with organisation as the key to minimise clutter and maximise usage.

    Our kitchens are designed to use the space available sensibly and practically, organised to avoid pitfalls, and built to provide solutions that allow for bespoke storage - vastly improving usability.

    Please contact us for further information about the available options.
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