• Off The Shelf - September 2017
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  • Your regular newsletter from Premiere has a new look and a new name – Off the shelf. Like a printed magazine or newsletter, you may wish to pop it on your virtual kitchen shelf, to keep it handy to refer to later.

    We’ll keep updating you with industry and product news, news about Premiere and the team, and anything else you might find interesting.

    We hope you like the new look!

    New website, new season, new collection

  • new website and range
  • A new Premiere website will soon be available to all of our customers – details are being finalised and we plan to reveal all in a few weeks.

    And with Autumn approaching, it seems fitting that a new season brings with it a new collection of kitchens which we’re sure you’ll be keen to take a look at on the new site. These include two contemporary shaker designs and a modern pastel toned kitchen in matt and gloss finishes.

    If you can’t wait to know more about the new collections, just contact your Business Development Manager who will be happy to provide you with more information.

  • Many women are unaware of opportunities in the construction industry
  • women working in construction
  • A trend of recent times is that sectors that were historically male-dominated have made a concerted effort to attract more women, opening the doors for more female talent.

    Some industries, IT for example, have been relatively quick to the party, with a number of initiatives designed to get more women involved in IT from a younger age.

    The construction industry, as it becomes far more technological, is doing the same thing.

    This is important because according to a recent survey in Northern Ireland, only 14% of surveyors were female. This is despite the fact that businesses with greater female representation on their board tend to do better financially, boasting a return on sales over 40% more than other companies.

    Getting more women involved in the construction industry, attracting a wider range of professionals, is beneficial for everyone. We are often hearing of a skills shortage in the construction industry, and yet there is a pool of virtually untapped talent in terms of skilled female workers that could go a long way to solving this problem.

    It is recognised that in reality, most sectors are indeed equal opportunity workplaces. The problem is that many under-represented groups are unaware of this. From parents and teachers to career advisers, many are given incorrect or out of date advice about which industries are right or wrong for them. Instead, the opportunities available to them in traditionally male dominated industries should be made clear.

  • Quick turnaround for University of Cambridge
  • student kitchens for cambridge
  • When Premiere received a call from the University of Cambridge to manage the kitchen supply for four communal kitchens at Hughes Hall, Business Development Executive Ben Warsop quickly responded.

    Ben arranged an urgent visit to the halls of residence at Hughes Hall to meet with the customer, where he surveyed the spaces available, and swiftly designed and quoted for the kitchens.

    The kitchens were selected from the Premiere Patina range in Stone Grey, with modern D handles. Along with worktops, Premiere also supplied appliances including ovens and hobs, and sinks and taps.

    The supply and fit of all four communal kitchens at Hughes Hall was completed within one month.

  • How to make the student kitchen less daunting 
  • student kitchens
  • With students returning to university, many of them are having to cook for themselves for the first time. No matter how great the student accommodation is, or how well appointed the kitchen is, if the students don't even understand the basics then they are unlikely to get off to a good start.

    Often this translates into eating the same few things over and over again. Whilst we're not suggesting you imitate anything seen on Master Chef, with a mastery over a few simple basics the days of endless rounds of beans on toast can be a thing of the past.

    We have compiled a list of tips that will make this potentially unpleasant experience far easier;

    • Get the basics. One decent cookbook, a few utensils, and basic store cupboard essentials like potatoes, garlic, eggs and pasta are a great start, and supplemented with a few other ingredients, open up a world of culinary possibilities.
    • Learn to love the freezer. Cooking in large quantities and freezing individual portions means that you have tasty meals ready to go if you can’t be bothered to cook. It’s also a great way to save money.
    • Remember use-by dates. Best before dates aren’t necessarily set in stone, but keep a close eye on use by dates. Once they have expired it isn’t worth the risk, and the bin is the best place for them.
    • Make sure it’s hot. Undercooked food is a sure fire way to end up with food poisoning. Make sure food is piping hot, and if the juices run clear in poultry and sausages, they’re usually fine too. If in doubt, Google can be an excellent help as well.
    • Cleanliness is key - especially after handling meat. Wash your hands, your chopping boards, your knives, everything. And if in doubt, wash again. It sounds simple, but failing to do so puts you and your flatmates at risk of food poisoning.
  • Sean Williams celebrates 15 years at Premiere
  • Sean Williams, Premiere’s Business Development Manager for the Wales and West region, has celebrated 15 years working alongside his colleagues. 

    Sean joined the company in 2002 in business development and has seen Premiere grow from strength to strength over the years. Being a keen football fan he likes a little healthy competition, and this extends beyond the terraces.

    ‘I’m proud to be part of the Premiere family – the dedication of the teams to the delivery of top quality kitchens is something we can only achieve together. I love being part of that process, and providing the best service to my customers that I can.’

    sean williams
  • Keeping in touch
  • In the last Premiere newsletter, we mentioned about new data protection rules coming into force next year. These mean that we will need to ask your permission to send you Premiere's regular updates by email, and other relevant information.

    We'll be contacting you about this in the coming months, and asking your permission to keep you informed so that you don't miss out on receiving updates from Premiere.

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