• This month we discuss;

    • Which trends will be prevalent in 2017?
    • With the rise in the student population, the value of their accommodation increases
    • Communication is key to customer service
    • Bromford homes and Premiere create accessible living space
    • How can telematics benefit the construction industry?
    • Find out about our Patina range
    • The complete Premiere kitchen range at your fingertips
    • Exceptional quality appliances supplied with our kitchens
    • Premiere strengthens customer facing team
  • Which trends will be prevalent in the construction industry in 2017?
  • construction 2017
  • 2016 has passed by, and analysts in the construction industry are now looking to the year ahead.

    From how a new political administration in the USA will affect everyone involved in construction worldwide, to new technology that is about to burst onto the scene, we have created a list of the top 6 trends that we will see in the construction industry in 2017.

    • There will be more collaboration on projects between different teams, a reduction in siloed thinking. All too often, projects take longer than necessary due to a lack of communication and collaboration between different internal teams. With more groups working together, the construction industry as a whole will benefit from a higher degree of efficiency.
    • Unfortunately, a shortage of labour is likely to be a continuing problem. Many workers have left the industry never to return, and a lack of teaching and trade specific courses contribute to a smaller pool of workers. The construction industry historically struggles to retain the apprentices it trains, so despite the peak in 2015, this is unlikely to solve current labour issues.             
    • There will be a rise in modular construction. The amount of offsite, or modular construction is predicted to grow over the coming year. The industry has been historically slow to evolve and take on new technology, but this is a rapidly changing, and modular construction businesses are set to benefit.
    • The Internet of Things will continue to influence the modern work place. As contractors continue to look for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, they will find themselves utilising the Internet of Things more and more often. It allows the aggregation and analysis of data in a far easier, less time consuming manner.
    • Virtual and Augmented reality will become more and more popular and prevalent. It is one of the most promising new technologies in terms of application within the construction industry. These technologies can allow contractors to detect errors and hazards before they happen, as well as having a host of other uses.
    • The costs involved in the construction industry will probably rise. The lack of skilled labour alone means that costs will inevitably rise, and this, combined with the increased cost of materials, could mean that some companies struggle to maintain their margins.
  • As the student population rises, so to does the value of student accommodation
  • student accommodation
  • Demand for student housing continues to outpace supply, due to the continual increase in the amount of students attending university.

    Often, building new housing provides a substantial economic boost to the area where the development occurs. But sometimes new student housing raises concerns among the local residents, which often include worries about noise pollution and litter.

    Student housing, as an asset, can usually withstand uncertainties in the market, especially with the sector growing by nearly 40% over the last 2 years. In fact, the sector looks so promising that investors from both inside and outside the UK are likely to spend more over the next 12 months.

    The total value of student accommodation looks set to rise above £40bn over the upcoming year, and this increase in value will largely be due to an increase in the number of beds by around 24,000 which will take the total number in the UK to well above half a million.

    However, investing in the student housing market isn’t always a sure fire success, and should be treated with the same careful consideration one would give to any investment.

    There are a number of potential issues, one of the most serious being that the market is already flooded with competition, and it can be difficult to get noticed.

    During holidays, when the tenants have moved out, you can often have open property that can’t be rented out, and, whilst the problem isn’t as bad as some sources make it out to be, the landlord is likely to have to put up with a certain amount of wear and tear.

    Although the issues caused by students are not as significant as are often made out, anyone with children at university will well aware of the lack of respect they can show towards their accommodation. Even if there is no direct damage to the property it will undoubtedly require deep cleaning and some redecoration at the end of any tenancy.
  • Communication in customer service is key, but how can you improve it?
  • communication in construction
  • We all know that if you want to provide the best possible customer service and support, then communication, both with your employees and clients, is key.

    But it is often difficult to know whether your communication skills are up to par, sometimes it is hard to be objective about the skills of your team. To that end, we have compiled a list of tips that, when implemented, will boost your communication skills to the next level.

    • Hire employees who are empathetic. Empathy is one of the most useful traits for an employee dealing with customers to have. So, tailor your customer facing teams accordingly. It is a hard trait to assess accurately, but in an interview you can usually tell how empathetic a candidate is.
    • Provide language support to increase success. This means that you should give your employees phrases that are likely to be effective when dealing with customers, that your staff can use if they wish. Train your staff so that they understand the effects of the phrases they use, and how they sound. While stock phrases can be over used, a few well crafted sentences can give staff time to think and avoid misunderstandings.
    • Real time communication is ideal and important so use it. In terms of the pinnacle of customer service, being able to respond to problems quickly, in real time, is becoming critical. So, make sure that you are as quick as possible in dealing with any requests your clients may have.
    • Try to stop making customers switch communication channels. This may be difficult, especially where privacy is concerned, but try to, because it’s a great way to improve customer relations. Customers do not like it when they have contacted  you by phone, being asked to email or worse, write in. Let customers choose the route they use to contact you. 
    • Increase the amount of support hours. A 24-hour a day 7 days a week service is advisable, but usually impossible, particularly in a business to business environment. But the more hours your customer service center is open, the more help they can be to your customers.
    • Sometimes, less formality is preferable. A very formal situation can make customers uneasy, so to fully understand your customer’s needs, sometimes a less formal approach is required.
    • Use better communications tools. Put simply, you won’t be able to fully address a customer’s problem down crackly, interruption prone phone lines. It is important to make sure that your systems are efficient and effective, that calls are responded to quickly. 
    • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Approaching your company from the position of a client can allow you to interact with your team in the way a customer would, letting you make any changes necessary to make the service as good as possible.
    • Don’t be afraid to use outside help. Sometimes, only a fresh pair of eyes can identify that you yourself may have overlooked. Sometimes it is hard to be objective about your own business.
  • Bromford Homes and Premiere create accessible living space

  • When a family in a Cotswold town had outgrown their existing living accommodation, and it was proving increasingly difficult for their teenage son to navigate their home in his full sized wheelchair, Bromford Homes came up with the perfect solution.

    Sam is a 16 year old young man, physically disabled and requiring an adapted living environment. 

    bromford housing
  • He’s also sociable, loves to spend time with his friends and family, and is looking forward to attending university in years to come. Bromford were keen to offer a home for all the family to enjoy, allowing ample and accessible living space.

    Bromford found a home requiring some adaptation, and working with the family, agreed some changes to the layout that would suit their requirements.

    This included a ground floor bedroom, bathroom and independent space for Sam, along with a good sized family living room and kitchen diner.

    Premiere were happy to support this project by providing kitchen and utility furniture, and began by surveying the property. The family were pleased to be given a selection of unit styles and worktop finishes to choose from.

    Premiere then manufactured and supplied the bespoke units, worktops, sinks and taps for both the kitchen diner and the additional utility room.

    ‘Working with Sean Williams at Premiere, we have been able to provide an area for all the family to enjoy. Sam and his parents are looking forward to cooking and eating together in an easily accessible space, enjoying quality family time.’

    Tanya Everett of Bromford Housing Group

    Premiere are able to provide a range of solutions suitable for assisted living requirements – please contact us for further information.

  • The construction industry could be the next to benefit from telematics.
  • telematics in construction
    Telematics technology has been around for a long time, and many industries have used it for their own benefit.

    The long distance transmission of computerised information can be invaluable when trying to gain insight into your own operation, but the construction industry has traditionally been slow to pick up on it.

  • Part of the reason for this is that telematics that are specifically tailored for the industry have only recently come into existence. Generally, telematics have been used to great effect with transport vehicles, but less so for mixed fleet and heavier equipment. Now, however, companies can collect vast swathes of data about their equipment, rather than having to do it all manually.

    Telematics can provide a company with real time data, allowing you too efficiently manage your equipment. They also can provide you with data reserves and analytics so that can analyse certain pieces of equipment.

    For example, you can use telematics to ascertain when your equipment needs repairing, or maintenance. Real time, it can tell you the state of the equipment now, and using the data reserves, you can check when repairs were last undertaken.

    Tailored telematics is what is driving this sudden burst of interest in the technology. The systems are being built specifically for the industry, which makes them far more useful. This, in turn, will mean that we see more and more cases of telematics being implemented in the construction industry over the coming months..

  • Find out more about our Patina Range
  • patina range
  • The Premiere kitchen selection is made up of eight quality ranges, designed to suit a variety of preferences and requirements.  The Patina range is manufactured at Premiere, and offers a gloss finish in white or stone grey, at an affordable price.

    18mm thick doors are teamed with premium drawer and hinge systems, and the kitchen is available with matching plinths, end and back panels.

  • The complete Premiere kitchen range at your fingertips
  • Ever wanted to know more about the kitchen ranges that Premiere has to offer?

    You can see an overview of all eight ranges by visiting the Premiere website and selecting ‘Kitchen Range’ from the ‘PRODUCTS’ menu.

    You can also download individual product documents in pdf format by selecting ‘DOWNLOADS’ at the top right of the home page. And of course, all of this is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Additional specification documents are available to download from the website, and if you wish to discuss any of the information, please call our customer service team who will be happy to help.

    kitchen range
  • One stop shop for appliances with Premiere
  • We are pleased to remind you that we can support your full kitchen project requirements by complementing our various ranges with all appliance offerings, from fridge freezers to washing machines.

    We work directly with distributors and suppliers to enable us to offer products from many of the leading manufacturers ensuring we can provide an appliance package to suit the environment in which the kitchen is being installed into.

    All appliances are of exceptional quality, and enable customers to source all their complete kitchen requirements in one place.
    kitchen appliances
  • Premiere strengthens customer facing team
  • customer service team
    This January, Premiere welcomed Ben Warsop to the customer facing team.

    As Business Development Executive for the South East region, Ben has over eight years’ experience within the kitchen furniture industry, and has worked most recently as a Kitchen Designer with Premiere.

  • The in depth knowledge and understanding Ben has of Premiere’s business, together with his passion for excellent customer service, are vital for this role, where he will be supporting the existing team of Business Development Managers in the East of the country.

    His comprehensive product knowledge and that of many of our existing customers in the region make him a real asset to the team.

    Through supporting customers in the South East, Ben will provide an enhanced level of customer service and day to day contact for customers within the area.

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