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    • The best businesses retain talent, as well as attract it
    • Some commonly used fire retardants can increase the risk of thyroid problems
    • 2,500 kitchens for Catalyst Housing
    • What are the pros and cons of augmented reality?
    • Sean Williams commits to get fit with his football team
    • Three different sizes of cutlery trays
  • Good businesses will always attract the best talent, but great businesses retain it

  • staff retention
  • The vast majority of businesses rank employee retention as a critical factor when it comes to success. Yet despite this, nearly one third of people leave their job within the first 6 months of employment. This is a huge loss of resource, investment, skill and experience.

    The key to long term business development is retaining the talent that you hire. The more you do this, the more successful your business is likely to become. The effort required to recruit the right staff is enormous, so once they are in place, businesses need to retain them.

    When you discover the best ways to increase employee retention, you should be rewarded with a valuable team that will contribute immensely to the long term success and growth of your company.

    Successful businesses generally follow these steps to increase employee retention:

    • Making them part of the bigger picture – The top talent continuously strives towards progression, and so if companies make their vision crystal clear, they can better motivate their workforce
    • Making the talent feel like an asset – Your workforce, no matter how skilled, cannot thrive in an unsupportive culture. The most successful companies create a culture where talent and strategies can thrive and drive the business to the next level
    • Giving regular feedback– Constructive feedback is a vital part of performance enhancement. But the feedback must be sincere, as top talent will realise when lip-service, rather than genuine feedback, is being received
    • Providing regular opportunities to learn and grow – Talent thrives in a place where growth is actively encouraged. Successful companies will provide an environment for growth and development
    • Recognising and praising great work – If your employees feel under-appreciated, chances are they will look for employment elsewhere, and there is nothing worse than losing your top talent to a rival.

    The results of implementing these techniques can be staggering, with businesses increasing staff retention by nearly 60% - saving a huge amount of money in the long term.

  • Some common fire retardants have been found to increase the risk of developing thyroid problems
  • flame retardant materials image
  • Chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, which are found in many flame retardants, have been shown in a recent study in the US to increase the risk of thyroid problems.

    These chemicals are regularly found in furniture and cars because of their flame retardant properties and, over time, have been found to migrate from furniture into the air and settle into dust in homes, schools, and cars. As a result they can accumulate on people over time.

    Study lead author says;

    'This near ubiquitous exposure means we are all part of a global experiment on the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on our bodies.'

    The risk is especially high amongst women with elevated levels of certain chemicals in their blood, where contact with these PBDEs can cause hyperthyroidism, goiter and Hashimoto disease. 

    Goiter is the swelling of the thyroid gland, which, while often harmless, can cause discomfort and pain when breathing. Hashimoto Disease is when the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, and is one of the leading causes of hyperthyroidism.

    The chemicals, after a while, settle in fatty tissue, which interfere with the production of hormones in the thyroid. The risk is especially high amongst women with elevated levels of certain chemicals in their blood. This is particularly concerning considering the high proportion of women in care homes, where furniture is likely to be purchased on mass, from the same suppliers.

    The furniture we supply is up to all standards when it comes to being flame proof, but doesn't contain any of these harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can be sure that you will not be at any risk when buying furniture from us.

    It is important to verify what is in any furniture that you source, ideally pick a supplier whose furniture is PBDE free.

  • 2,500 kitchens for Catalyst Housing

  • Client Background

    Catalyst Housing is one of the leading housing associations in London and the South East. They aim to be a catalyst for change and improvement wherever they work, pursuing better homes, better service and a better future for their customers.
    catalyst housing logo
  • Catalyst Housing has been at the forefront of housing for more than 80 years, constantly adapting and evolving their services to meet customers’ changing needs. Today, they provide a wide range of housing solutions and community development initiatives, working closely with local residents and partners to meet local needs.

    Project Overview

    The current Kitchen & Bathroom Frameworks for Catalyst Housing is a 3 year program which comprises the replacement of about 2,500 kitchens.

    It is a planned maintenance project designed to give tenants a functional, good value, beautiful kitchen they will be proud of, and with the quality of a Premiere kitchen; this means long term low maintenance costs for the client.

    Premiere are a perfect partner for this scheme with our OTIF (on time and in Full KPI) currently measured at 98.2%, to give the contractors the level of service required from design to delivery.


    The new contract started on April 2016, it will run till March 2019.

    We are scheduled to deliver 800 kitchens each year.

    The void properties are being delivered within 5 working days from order, and properties that are occupied with resident’s are delivered in a maximum of 10 days.

  • catalyst housing kitchen
  • What are the pros and cons of augmented reality within the construction industry?
  • augmented reality site image
  • Augmented Reality (AR) is something that has become very prominent recently, and it seems that every week a new, exciting development is being made. AR has the potential to drastically change the way we do business and the construction industry is no exception.

    However, at the moment, there are serious limitations which are hindering attempts to incorporate AR into the construction industry successfully.

    One problem is that, on a construction project, all the data we receive has to be spot on accurate, all the time. One tiny miscalculation, based on false data, can have drastic consequences, resulting in loss of money, and potentially of life.

    Until the data AR delivers can be proved to be wholly accurate, it will be difficult to implement it.

    Another problem is that, at the moment, AR is best suited to stationary, relatively unchanging situations. A construction site is constantly moving and changing, and so current AR technology will struggle to keep up.

    Part of the huge amount of money that has gone into AR has been spent in developing the actual headset. But, no matter how refined it may be, there will always the problem of a blind spot, where your visibility is impaired by the goggles themselves. Now, this really isn’t an issue at home, or in a design studio.

    But, on a construction site, with heavy machinery and vehicles, the potential for a fatal accident is higher than in a home setting. Your visibility is paramount for your safety, and until these blind spots can be totally removed, AR goggles won’t be implemented on construction sites.

    Until these problems can be remedied, we will struggle to use AR in the construction industry. The potential for massive losses of money, and risks to personal safety are too great at the moment. However, when these issues are fixed, the possibilities are endless, and businesses within the construction industry will find themselves with an invaluable resource.

  • Sean Williams commits to get fit with his football team
  • When Premiere Business Development Manager Sean Williams had the opportunity to get fit whilst spending time at his beloved Bristol Rovers stadium, he jumped at the chance.

    Fans4Life aims to improve the health and well-being of physically inactive fans at risk of poor health through a free 10 week health education and exercise programme based at the Bristol Memorial Stadium. It is currently funded by Bristol City Council and has already become part of the referral service used by the NHS.

    sean williams
  • Participants attend sessions on one evening a week, comprising two 45 minute sessions run concurrently focusing on health and well-being and exercise activities. A group of up to 25 are led by qualified health professionals, including dieticians, exercise and health psychologists and leaders, nurses and GPs, as well as club staff members. Baseline measurements are initially taken, and results are revealed two-and-a-half months later.

    In addition to the weekly sessions, participants are also encouraged to include independent exercises throughout the week and all sessions are led by qualified health professionals. The Fans4Life programme has been designed around health topics chosen by fans.

    “Taking part in this project can add six seasons to a sports fan's life. We have the results to prove it. When you're a Bristol Rovers fan, a season can sometimes feel like a very long time – and we are talking about six of them!” The words of Adam Tutton, who heads up Rovers' education department, encapsulate the Fans4Life health and exercise programme devised and launched by the club's Community Trust in 2014.

    The course was designed and then launched thanks to a £10,000 injection from Bristol City Council's weight management scheme following extensive consultation with Rovers fans about the health issues they felt were most important. Classroom-based sessions, often with a practical element, cover topics such physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol intake and heart and mental health. The latter, Tutton says, is “one of the most successful areas”.

    Following completion of the course, Sean said ‘I have gained a fresh understanding of the importance of health, fitness and nutrition which I have been able to apply in my daily life, along with my family – we have all benefited from the course and as a result noticeably improved our health’.

  • Keep your utensils organised and tidy with our cutlery trays.
  • Premiere now offer three different sizes of cutlery tray to perfectly match the drawer size you've specified.

    End users increasingly notice the little things, the small details in their kitchens. They expect, as a minimum, a high level of quality in the units, a high standard of installation and exceptional style.

    cutlery site image
  • So it is the small extras, the accessories and details that set the kitchen apart, and make it remarkable.

    Small things definitely matter in achieving customer satisfaction.

    If you order the cutlery trays at the same time as kitchen units you can ensure a finished solution that’s ready to use as soon as fitting is complete.

    Ask for details when ordering to ensure the correct option is specified.

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