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    • Increase your efficiency by monotasking
    • Virtual Reality finds yet another use – this time in the interior design industry
    • Smart technology integrated into homes
    • Revamping the Howard Garden Social Centre with North Hertfordshire Homes
    • Bespoke furniture supply for new modular London hotel
    • Supplying Hafele furniture accessories across our ranges
  • Increase your efficiency in the workplace by monotasking
  • monotasking in affordable kitchens
  • Multitasking has long been championed as an effective way to get lots done. But unfortunately, when you multitask, you often find that each individual job acts as a distraction for all the others. This creates an inefficient relationship between all the tasks that you are trying to do, which in turn, decreases productivity.

    So, by swapping multitasking for monotasking, where you focus your energies into one project, you will get everything done quicker and to a higher standard, because you will be less distracted. This is a list of six tips that you can implement in order to get monotasking right.

    • Have a good lifestyle – A healthy lifestyle will increase productivity. Exercise, and make sure that you get plenty of sleep. This will make sure that you can remain focused for longer.
    • Resist temptation – Remain focused on the task at hand. It is so easy to get distracted by little things that you don’t think have any impact on productivity, but checking your phone or emails a few times can take up a huge chunk of time. Create an environment without distractions to increase the efficiency of your monotasking.
    • Get absorbed – Get into what you are doing and it will be easier. Being totally engrossed in a challenging, achievable project will mean that other tasks become naturally less interesting. Thus, you focus on the task at hand.
    • Don’t get bored – Consciously avoid multitasking when bored, and you will focus more. You find that, when you can’t check Facebook or emails when doing boring tasks, and are forced to focus, the tasks take less time, because you waste less time.
    • Plan effectively – Schedule effectively so that your time is all well spent. Making sure that you always know exactly what you are doing means that you don’t have any time doing nothing, which means that there is less multitasking.
    • Know your own limits – If you have a limited attention span, divide up tasks accordingly. If you know you can only focus on one thing for 30 minutes at a time, then make sure that each job can be divided into 30 minute blocks. This way you can remain focused on the task at hand.
  • Virtual Reality finds yet another use – this time in the interior design industry
  • interior design VR
  • In the not too distant future, we might be able to see how our rooms will look, before they have even been fitted. A company in the US called Decorilla uses VR headsets to show clients potential floor plans and design options. This use of the technology is certain to have an impact on our industry and is something that we are reviewing to see how it can apply.

    High quality 3D renderings mean that the clients can perfectly tailor their new room to suit their wants, on a virtual platform before construction begins. This saves time and money later, as few or no changes will have to be made.

    The VR has numerous applications within the interior design industry from decorating choices, to the physical layout of the room. This new system will have exact applicability when it comes to big ticket items, allowing to visualise how everything will look, before you spend, thus almost completely avoiding
    buyer’s remorse.

    So far, the Decorrila service is used in conjunction with the Google Cardboard Headset, but they hope that soon, the software will be compatible with Oculus and Samsung Gear VR Headsets.

    VR is finding its way into every industry.

    From military training and hardware development, through gaming, healthcare and construction. While it is still in its infancy, and the hardware is somewhat intrusive and expensive, its applications will remain limited. However there is so much investment, from organisations such as Google going into this area that this situation is likely to change quickly.

  • More and more homeowners are finding ways to integrate smart technology into their houses.
  • home control app
  • Smart technology is quickly becoming a big part of our everyday lives, and a growing number of renovating homeowners are finding ways to incorporate it into the design of their houses.

    According to a recent study, around 45% of homeowners who are having renovations have either already added, or will add, some form of system that can be controlled remotely, via a phone or laptop, for example.

    The most common type of smart technology that is being implemented is something that improves the safety and security of the home. This can include alarms and sensors to detect and deter intruders, as well as other ways to remotely monitor the house.

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are common inclusions with the ability to be remotely monitored via Wi-Fi, this means that homeowners can monitor them even if they aren’t at home.

    Some homeowners also install smart, remote control thermostats, which allow easy control of the temperature of their home. This is a useful addition, because it increases the comfort for the homeowner and also allows energy consumption to be reduced.

    After security, entertainment is the second most common area of improvement, with smart TV’s being the most prevalent addition.

    With their streaming capabilities and the ability to be controlled with a mobile device or computer, they work well with other forms of smart entertainment technology, such as video and audio streaming devices.

  • Revamping the Howard Garden Social Centre with North Hertfordshire Homes
  • When North Hertfordshire Homes approached Premiere recently to assist with one of their community projects, we were happy to help. NHH were helping Howard Garden Social Centre, a local group providing day care, a lunch club and group services to older people within Letchworth.

    Howard Garden has 130 active users and provides up to twenty five lunches for older people every day.
    NH logo
  • One of the tasks undertaken at Howard Garden was to revamp an out of use treatment room in time for a staff community day. North Hertfordshire Homes planned to install a mini kitchen in the room and replace items such as treatment tables.

    Building on the years of successful partnership with NHH, Premiere were happy to support the project through the donation of a kitchen.

    As an approved supplier of North Hertfordshire homes, Premiere have supplied kitchens to them for almost 8 years, and continue to supply the social housing provider with kitchens for their void properties.

  • Bespoke furniture supply for new modular London hotel
  • Elements logo
    “We always strive to deliver the very best for our clients in terms of delivery schedule and specification. We felt confident that Premiere had the experience we needed of supply for modular builds” commented Craig Armstead, Procurement Manager for Elements Europe.
  • Premiere have supplied furniture for a new 89 room Apart-Hotel in Hammersmith, West London. Working with Elements Europe, specialists in modular buildings and off-site construction, Premiere have co-designed bespoke furniture to align with Elements Europe’s off-site processes for ease and high level of finish to the fitted furniture and complete rooms.

    Specifically designed to fit a room module with integrated mechanical and electrical requirements, the furniture was delivered to Elements Europe at the correct time slot to join the production line of modules, where the final furniture installation step completes the modules.

    Experience with modular builds and the ability to supply furniture just-in-time made Premiere an ideal choice of partner for the project. Having a clear understanding of the requirements of Elements Europe was essential, as ordering and supply had to interface seamlessly to ensure running of a smooth project.

    Furniture supply to the Elements Europe’s factory has been achieved in accordance with expectations.

    Installation of the room modules began in July 2016, with the individual complete rooms being delivered and set in place at a rate of one floor per week, stacked by crane to a total of six floors in height.

    The finished modules when arranged in their designed location come together seamlessly to create the completed hotel structure; each bedroom with work space, sleeping area, and en-suite bathroom.  Following installation of all modules, including corridors and communal areas, the external cladding of the modules will be installed to envelope the building in its final finish.

  • furniture for elements
  • Supplying Hafele accessories across our ranges
  • Hafele have been supplying furniture handles and accessories to Premiere for many years. 

    Offering a range of products, Hafele recently welcomed Premiere team members to their site in Warwickshire, to demonstrate the range and features of their product selection.

    Premiere are happy to offer Hafele products as part of their kitchen solutions, backed by almost a century of Hafele offering quality, design, innovation and functionality.

    hafele fittings
  • Please contact us for more information about Hafele products.

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