• This month we talk about;

    • Jobs in construction are being overlooked in school careers advice
    • AR technology is being used to reduce noise and confusion on construction sites.
    • Premiere collaborate with Mulalley in Haringey
    • Car bumper technology is being used to make hard hats safer
    • Stuart May joins the Premiere team
    • Find out about our Senator Eco Range
    • Running the desert for charity
  • Jobs in construction are overlooked in school
    careers advice

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  • New research has shown that the construction industry has a massively low profile in careers advice in schools.

    Over half of school age children have never been given any information on any jobs in construction, nor has any information on the industry been made available in careers literature.

    Interestingly only 30% of men questioned said that they had considered a career in construction, and only 16% of women had ever thought about the industry.

    Overall, 51% of young people had never even considered a career in construction, and 32% said they had never received information at school about apprenticeships.

    Clearly, considering the skills gap, and the huge demands on the construction industry over the next few decades, this oversight is bad for both our industry and the students.

    Furthermore, over half of the people interviewed believed that construction as a job only entails manual labour, and a shocking 19% of students believe a job in construction does not require any qualifications beyond GCSE's.

    It is clear that how the industry is portrayed to young people is in dire need of change. Role models in the business should be made more visible and significant to young people to encourage a respect and consideration of the career.

    Additionally, parents need to provide guidance to children, and construction firms must reach out to young people more directly in order to better convey the benefits of apprenticeships, as well as the careers that they can lead to.

    Overall, the absence of information on careers in construction is shocking, and it is necessary to make the industry a more accessible option for young adults to explore.

  • What are the next steps for AR technology in construction - reducing confusion and noise?
  • ar in construction
  • Recently, construction sites have begun investing in augmented reality technology in order to avoid the phenomenon of ‘alarm fatigue’. This is where a large number of machines and devices sounding alarms make it difficult for workers to distinguish what is a normal sound and a life-threatening alert.

    So, construction sites are starting to use the layering of data and information over real-time visual interfaces, augmented reality, in order to minimise the risk of information overload on a worker. This is a critical issue for employee safety, and deployed carefully will reduce accident, costs and downtime.

    These ideas for using augmented reality are being developed in other industries with similar issues. For example to improve nursing work flows in busy hospitals and A&E, where staff are overworked and the hospitals are overcrowded, with the abundance of noise and blinking lights making it impossible to differentiate which is important.

    Despite these technologies being developed we have not yet reached the stage where our information is being streamlined and prioritised in the most efficient way possible, hopefully eventually being used in everyday life.

    In 2016, AR technology was developed for car manufacturing companies to identify problems in the engines of cars and then illustrate repair operations, or shadow areas that need checking. This technology also allows the user to draw on items and take screenshots, freeze, zoom in and out, and it even has a low power mode.

    Additionally, there is a ‘smart helmet’ being invented, featuring a thermal imaging camera and infrared image projection to the helmet visor. A tracking camera enables the eye to hover and highlight AR buttons and side menus in the display.

    Augmented reality has become more and more commonly used in construction drones, for remote inspection of infrastructure, and remote imaging of job sites conditions. Additionally, AR can be used for the drone pilots, who can access flight information without looking away from the drone.

    There are many different ways AR can be used on construction sites, and eventually for everyday life. The technology doesn’t have that far to go either – we can expect the next 10 years to be holding huge changes in how we view Augmented Reality.

    This technology is gaining acceptance with businesses and users alike. As the user interfaces become more wearable and less intrusive, it will increasingly become part of every day life, and the construction site will be no exception.

  • Premiere collaborate with Mulalley in Haringey
  • Premiere, alongside other contractors, worked with Mulalley to deliver a two year contract with the London Borough of Haringey by December 2016 to provide over 2,000 decent homes for residents.

    The Haringey Major Works Ultra Site project achieved a CCS Gold National Site Award in 2016 for scoring highly against the code of considerate practice, and a PPC/TPC Supply Chain Collaboration Award 2015 in recognition of a truly cohesive working approach

    Premiere Kitchens works with Mulalley in Haringey
  • Ultra sites are currently being piloted by a number of leading contractors. They are registered sites whose subcontractors and suppliers are also registered with the scheme, making considerate construction a joint responsibility for all those involved.

    The Haringey project involved refurbishment of hundreds of properties, predominantly flats and dwellings managed by Homes for Haringey, and demonstrated innovative use of technology through virtual reality goggles, which enabled residents to better visualise proposed works to their homes.

    Premiere supplied kitchens for the Ultra Site project from the Senator kitchen range. The Senator range is a classic style and 100% recyclable, a perfect choice for the Considerate Constructors Ultra Site project.

  • Car bumper technology is being used to
    make hard hats safer
  • hard hat story
  • Car bumper technology is being used to make a new hard hat that’s tougher and offers better head protection.

    The design is similar to that used by mountaineers, offering significantly more protection to the back of the head than basic hard hats. The hat also has photo-luminescent strips to absorb UV light during the day in order to glow at night, increasing the visability of employees at twilight and early evening.

    Standard hats do not offer enough protection against slips and trips that end in head injuries, similarly they are not adequate for protecting worker’s heads against falling objects. Those most at risk are those working near traffic and on hard surfaces, as well as those working on construction sites and in factories.

    The hats are fitted with polycarbonate side plates, the material used in car bumpers, providing protection to the ears and the side of the head of the user. The helmet offers a much more secure and comfortable fit, and hugely increases the safety of the worker.

    It also has a high density outer shell which absorbs energy without transferring it to the head of the user, with an expanded polystyrene liner for even more protection, and even less kinetic energy being passed through the helmet to the head of the wearer.

    These hats are going to start making inroads into the UK over the next 12 months.

  • Stuart May joins the Premiere team
  • Stuart May joined Premiere as Production Manager in January 2017, and since then has been getting to grips with the Premiere manufacturing process, and wider matters falling under the banner of production.

    Working alongside customer services, supply chain and transport managers as part the Premiere Management Team, Stuart is bringing 25 years of experience in both high volume and contract based manufacturing.
    Stuart May
  • The skills and knowledge that Stuart brings to Premiere will help to shape future activity, and ensure the delivery of great quality products to our customers.

    In his spare time, Stuart likes to support Chelsea football club, Harlequins rugby, and enjoys scuba diving – but only in hot countries!

  • Find out about our Senator Eco Range
  • The Senator Eco range is 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice when an environmentally friendly option is part of your selection criteria.

    The Senator range is available in six 18mm thick MFC door colours, edged in durable ABS, perfect for choice and durability. It can be partnered with a choice of worktop finishes, handles, and other accessories. Metal sided drawer boxes and Blum 170 degree hinges are supplied as standard.
    senator range
  • Running the desert for charity
  • Spare a thought for Premiere’s fitness legend Managing Director, Andy Barham, as he embarks on his most challenging race yet.

    From Friday 7th to Monday 17th April, Andy will be out in the Sahara desert competing in the notorious Marathon des Sables, billed as the Toughest Footrace on Earth, and raising money for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.
    running the desert
  • A grueling multi-day, self-sufficiency, ultra-marathon run over 7 days following a course of 156 miles, with the longest single stage, the infamous “long day”, being around 55 miles..

    The environment is a big challenge with the heat, being around 50 degrees centigrade, and all carrying a backpack, containing everything for the whole week including 7 days’ worth of food. Only water and a space in a tent is provided by race organisers. That’s enough to make anyone tired just thinking about it – and Andy has been training hard for this challenge over the past year.

    Curious to find out more about this crazy but impressive feat? We’ll let you know how Andy gets on.

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