• So how much do your affordable kitchens really cost?

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  • Most of our clients install hundreds if not thousands of kitchens every year, in a replacement cycle determined by product longevity as well as finances and the needs of the end users.

    While the initial investment, the front end cost of each kitchen you purchase is very important, and, it's vital that you get good value for your end users, we know how important it is important to look at the overall cost over an extended period.

    And if you have a maintenance and replacement programme as well then there are a great many factors that can add to the costs.

    Calculating the actual, whole life cost of your kitchens obviously has to be done on an individual, business by business basis, there are a number of things that everyone needs to consider.

    • Cost of damage during installation - the more work the installers have to do on site the more likely damage is to occur. This is a figure that can easily be arrived at by looking at the repairs and replacements within the first month after installation. It is during this 'snagging' period that any faults and errors can sometimes show up.
    • Time taken per installation - the quicker and more effectively the kitchens can be installed, the more the installers can do every day and so the more cost effective the process. Every single installation has a cost associated with it. Sometimes this is costed on a day to day basis, and other times itemised on a per kitchen. Either way it is a relatively easy figure to deduce.
    • Durability of components - replacing hinges, back panels and doors can become extremely costly over the full lifecycle of the product, using cheaper components can reduce the up front cost, but will dramatically increase the whole life costs. If you look at your replacement budget over a 12 month period and divide it by the number of kitchens from that manufacturer, this will give you a good figure to use in the calculation.
    • The initial design of the kitchens - longevity needs to be built in at the design stage and poor design can result in accidental damage and misuse, which can prove extremely costly in the short and long term. Obviously this is a harder figure to calculate as a separate item. However the cost can be considered to the part of the durability
    • Disposal of the kitchens - disposal of the units at the end of their life is becoming an important factor. This has to be built in at some point, even if it is included in the initial deal price the cost will almost certainly be factored in. Recyclable - sustainable units which are taken away and used in a biomass facility for example can be less costly than non recyclable units in this regard. One additional thing to consider here is the carbon cost of offsetting your installations. With many companies looking to offset there is now a very real cost to using none sustainable units.
    • Replacement Cycle - its fairly obvious but the longer the replacement cycle then the lower the overall cost of the installations. If the cycle can be stretched by even 6 months this will have a major effect on the whole life costs. We believe that our furniture can more than stand the test of time. Starting with a well structured survey and ensuring that the end users are satisfied, can resolve issues before they occur. Ensuring that the right units are installed from day one can reduce the need for early changes.

    Our team will be happy to sit down with you and run through the costs of our kitchens and compare them to any other supplier. We believe that as well as finding our initial costings are extremely competitive the whole life costs of our units is industry leading.

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Fast turnaround times

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